Nick’s Adventure: Izmir – To Çeşme with Love and Family, This Coffee is a Fortune, Slowest Windsurfer Alive

Izmir, Alaçati, and Çesme Scenes After yesterday’s arrival and hustle fun to the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Pi Youth Association, followed by a dinner of kumpir (delicious baked potato-type thing) and hanging out with volunteers at a cafe by the Aegean, I was hosted by Learning Designs volunteer Hasan (former windsurfing instructor, … Read more

Nick’s Adventure: The Bag of My Existence

So, there is a popular team-building / conflict resolution / etc. game that Learning Designs’ has developed called “Topik.” It’s a great game. Learning Designs has used colorful, durable materials to make the game, and even built cool bags to make the game comfortably transportable. I will be bringing this game with me wherever I … Read more

Nick’s Adventure: Conversational Sparks & Funny, Tiny Travel Moments

  Sparks of Conversation *What have you found to be sparks of conversation in your days? I’d love to hear, so connect and let me know! Connection is interesting to me. What behaviors, places, things, etc. make us feel connected, and disconnected? What can, and do, we do to control and create those experiences, those feelings? … Read more

Nick’s Adventure: Who, What, Why?

Who?  Teşekkürler! In many ways, I am Nick Brzezinski. I grew up just outside of Detroit, MI, graduated from Duke University in 2003 (B.A. Eastern Religions, played American football and threw discus, member of Self Knowledge Symposium), and spent the next 14 years moving around the United States, learning how to shake hands with time, … Read more