Nick’s Adventure: Introducing Peter the Frog, Whimsical Ambassador of Goodwill

Who, and why, is Peter?

Peter is much more than an average frog, he is a philosopher, a name-dropper, a relentless jokester, and total food snob with a gigantic literal and figurative head, but for now we’ll say he is Just a Frog. He happens to be a very lucky frog that has traveled all over the world (Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Mexico, Cuba, United States, and now Turkey), the majority of which with a unique wind-walker that occasionally goes by JMC. Peter brings with him the nature of the child mind that is so essential in learning and approaching the seemingly known and unknown with wonder. I have stuffed him in my backpack to accompany me on my learning adventure through Turkey to serve as a symbol of child-like wonder, the joy of life, the importance of openness, awareness, and humility in establishing intercultural communication and connection (and because he’s kind of a perfect travel pillow) through the universal link of laughter.

Peter has no soul and loves mugging for the camera, so he’s available for pictures at every turn. This is a reality I will likely abuse, and right here is the place where I’ll store all the Peter pics with volunteers, families, random encounters, places, etc. Peter will be part of the glue (figurative) that binds the many varied threads of this learning adventure, and I’m excited to see what he finds. I will try to keep this from being nauseating 🙂



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