Our Activities

Game Design

We design educational digital and physical games. Our games are not designed for any specific age group or specific region. Having a passion for education and wanting others to enjoy the learning process are!

We customize game design around any group or topic desired, like children, young people, and adults. During our design process, we take the existing training content of the institutions, turn it into a card or board game and deliver it as a fun learning material. 


Sales of existing games and game events

Our games, in many different subjects, are available for purchase. In your game purchase, you will find a guide (or you can request an on-site visit explanation by us). If you purchase 10 or more games, you will receive a free one-day training.

If you prefer the games to be run by expert trainers, we can travel to your city and execute the games for your target group.



Istanful Training is an interactive training designed for colleagues or a collaborative team. Participants spend the day trying to achieve specific goals while facing various obstacles throughout Istanbul.

During Istanful, participants play in groups, working through difficult teamwork, communication and strategy challenges. At the same time, each step they solve will be the beginning of another process and the first group reaching the end first will win the game at the end of the day.

  • How is Istanful content?
    • Right from the moment Istanful starts, everything is now a password. The game cannot proceed if the password is not decoded, the password must be decoded and the task must be fulfilled with the clue found.
  • Preparation:
    • Activity prepared for groups of 15 – 30 people.
    • Activity’s route can be designed by our team or yours. An example of one of our previous Istanful routes: Beyoğlu – Galata – Sultan Ahmet Square
    • For further information please contact us via e-mail.



Family Game Workshops join together children and families to participate in various games. In these one-day workshops, families and children engage equally in the activities prepared.



Social adaptation activities are game-based and artistic activities focused on socialization, social integration and cooperation of Syrian and Turkish children and youth. Activities include;

  • Games of Learning Designs,
  • Ceramic making
  • Illusionism
  • Storytelling
  • Drama workshop
  • Toy-making workshop



Game workshops compile various Learning Designs’ created games in one workshop. The following games can be played during the workshop. Details of the games can be found in our “Our Games” section:

  • Follow the Sound [Can Kulağı]
  • Topik
  • The Luck of The Draw [Bahtına Ne Çıkarsa]
  • The Squares Puzzle [Karegiller]
  • Youth at Work [İş’te Gençlik]
  • Teamer [Takım Ölçer]
  • Talk to Them [Konuş Onunla]
  • Bet to Europe [Bahse Var mısın?]
  • Children’s Rights Hopscotch [Çocuk Hakları Sek Sek]
  • InfoMega [BilgiDevasa]



We apply the concept of gamification to institution or company’s the volunteer system or network through consultancy and program development.