Our Trainings


We organize trainings in personal and professional development using experiential and game based learning methods. The trainings in this category are specifically tailored to your priorities, requests, participant profiles, and location and timing. Some of the topics we can organize training for you.

Some of the topics we can organize training for you:

  • Teamwork
  • Synergy / Communication
  • Body language and presentation skills
  • Innovation, creativity, and effective participation
  • In-company entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship
  • Problem solving techniques – turning crisis into opportunity
  • Social involvement in business and education
  • Multicultural work in business and education
  • Child Friendly Spaces
  • Youth Participation in Business and Education
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Human Centered design



Our team listens to your needs and develops game solutions. We aim to increase participation in work, school and social lives, strengthen motivation, develop social awareness, and create innovative applications that make a difference.



Learning Designs Special Trainings are our one-day trainings where participants from public, private and civil sectors can participate and learn games to apply in their own training activities. The purpose of our trainings is to interactively discuss education, increase learning motivation, develop interpersonal and communication skills, and share games that will facilitate learning across a variety of themes.

Duration: One day

Hours: 10.00 to 18.00hrs


I. Synergy Training:

For trainers, NGO staff, HR managers, teachers and people interested in creating a learning environment, these trainings use interactive learning methods in games that will raise awareness about education methods, provide socialization and enable learning of predetermined topics.

  • Training Content:
    • What is game logic?
    • What is the effect of games on learning?
    • Getting to know each other
    • Ice Breakers
    • Group Dynamics Games
    • Teamwork Games
    • Communication Games
    • Energizers


II. Technology Training (Technoful) [Teknobaz]:  

Training program in which educators, facilitators and leaders from the public, private and civil sectors learn to incorporate current game-based technologies into their education and classroom practices.

  • Training Content:
    • Learn and evaluate games using social media tools
    • Research games with Word Cloud Generators
    • What is Flipped Classroom?
    • Proper implementation of Flipped Classroom
    • Serious games with QR codes
    • Competition games with Kahoot
    • Creative writing games


III. Idea Development Training (Ideaful) [Fikirbaz]:

Ideaful focuses on brainstorming and idea development through the sharing of ideas and having fun at meetings and trainings.

  • Training Content:
    • Critical Thinking Methods
    • Group Dynamics
    • World Cafe Method
    • Boulevard Method
    • Human Centered Design
    • Six Hats Methods
    • Fishbowl Method
    • Evaluation Methods 


IV.  Stories Training:

Learners interested in storytelling and games, and work in the education sector (teachers, non-governmental organizations and company trainers) or in a creative sector learn innovative methods they can use for personal and professional lives.

  • Training Content:
    • Learning Through Games and Power of Stories
    • Mirror
    • Guess & Fictionalize
    • Insider – Outsider Stories
    • Complete My Story & Story Components
    • Speak With Them game
    • The Wise Man in the Chateau and his 9 wishes
    • Story Stage
    • A Love Story
    • Story Framing Theory and Story Board
    • Building and Presenting Training Story through Story Board


V. Gamification Training:

Teachers, instructors, game sector professionals, designers, and those who wish to apply gamification at work develop playful solutions for problems they encounter in their daily lives.

  • Training Content:
    • Introduction to Game
    • Game, Game-Based Learning, and Gamification
    • Teamwork and Group Dynamics Games
    • Game Elements
    • Game Mechanics
    • Gamification Measurements
    • Gamification module: Fair
    • Gamification Design in an Educational Situation with “Playgen” Gamification Cards


VI. English Language Teaching Training (Talkful) [Dilbaz]:

For those who can understand but not speak English, who are afraid of making mistakes speaking in English, those who need to practice English, and those who are teaching English, it is the training module where the obstacles will be broken and turned into fun with various methods and practices.

  • Training Content:
    • Intercultural learning
    • Task-based language learning
    • Learning with materials
    • Learning with sounds and music
    • Planning language learning
    • Language learning applications



VII. Academic Training:

Practical training for academicians to apply creative methods to their course preparation, interactive course content, assignments and field research. It also provides support for business students in creating strategies and generating and applying new ideas.

  • Training Content:
    • What is game logic?
    • What is service learning?
    • How can we use games in course content?
    • Creating a learning environment
    • Alternative lecture methods
    • Integration of training technologies into lectures
    • Student-centered running of courses
    • Field research / Development of innovative ideas
    • Energizers for University context


  • Each participant will receive a training booklet at the end of each training.
  • By combining your desired Learning Designs Trainings, you can create your own Custom Learning Designs Ring.

You can write to us in the contact us section to get the details of the trainings.